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What is an Entrepreneur?

I found a great video called What is an Entrepreneur?. It's a great video and it has some great tips and I hope you enjoy it.
Entrepreneur Week panelists reflect on what it means to be an entrepreneur. Our goal is to make connections across diverse industries, from young idea-stage innovators to million dollar revenue generators, and join them together in a unifying movement that propels inspired business. We quip aspiring and existing entrepreneurs with the business skills, insights, tools, resources and networks needed to start and grow a successful business. Entrepreneur Week fosters an environment where enterprise and innovation can flourish. Hope you enjoyed it. Ernesto

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25 Responses

  1. vaptube

    that’s exactly what entrepreneur is!! great video 5? stars

  2. acadia87

    Love it – bang on and ..well entrepreneurial really

  3. thevivalution

    Great video – very? inspiring.

  4. undusklabe

    nice description!?

  5. joseriverago

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  6. mazotu

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  7. mareze00

    Start a small business. Who knows? It might get big. Be successful in life by starting a small business and let it? grow. Let your money grow! 🙂

  8. socialslp

    I’ve been asked recently what I do these days and? while I think I gave a good answer, I liked this playful, insightful video and will be borrowing some of their catch phrases for the future 🙂
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  9. GirlsgoneKyle


  10. IndianPrincess0220

    Well? Defined

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  13. stevemc0729

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  14. wasiuddinmalik

    Great job,
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  15. 28yoma


  16. shadowwolf973

    this is totally me.?

  17. shadowwolf973

    im one.?

  18. kennboy1

    GREAT VIDEO! Motivating.?

  19. slapcompany

    No manager wants success completely defined on the company’s terms. They want success defined? by their own terms too.

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  20. foster2367

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  21. bcheezy1024

    Thank you for this video. I will never give up with my vision. I am relentless, but I do take many hits along the way, and you guys help to restore the pride? and confidence that I need every day.

  22. MeKar111

    Inspiring video 🙂

    It seems that it would be quite beneficial to be action oriented/creative/a little bit of a nonconformist, know what you really want and have positive attitude/ambition (among others) to be a successful entrepreneur. ?

  23. parasprodigy

    This? is a great video. Period.

  24. CarlosX360

    I was reminded of? why I started my company. Thanks for the inspiring video! 🙂

  25. NYEW2009

    Stop at Nothing. Achieve Everything.?

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