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What you want to know about Internet Literacy

I found a great post about Internet Literacy that would help you.
I also found an informative article on What you want to know about Internet Literacy The Internet is a communication tool that allows computers to network with each other on various levels: local, regional, national and international.
  • The World Wide Web, e-mail, FTP, chat/instant messaging, listservs, and telnet are all part of the Internet.
  • The World Wide Web (WWW) is a user-friendly way to view the Internet. Through a browser , one can view a webpage from a website .
  • Browsers A browser provides you with a graphical interface that connects to the WWW.
  • Website
    • A linked area on the WWW
    • A collection of webpages
    • Owned by either an organization, business or person
  • Webpage
    • A page within a website
    • Usually has a homepage, but not always
    • Can be an article, paragraph, graphic
  • Finding Things on the WWW
    • Search Engines
    • Google, Yahoo, Ask, Metacrawler are all engines that find webpages on the visible web.
    • Directories
    • The Internet Public Library, Librarian’s Internet Index, and the Open Directory Project are human-created listings of websites, organized by subject.
    • Databases
    • A database is a special section in either the visible or invisible web that contains specialized content like Proquest, Lexus Nexus or the Internet Movie Database.
  • Address Bar Look at the URL in the address bar to find out more about the website. A .edu domain means the site is owned by an academic institution Website Domains Website Country Codes .com (commercial website) .au (Australia) .edu (educational website) .fr (France) .gov (government website) .us (United States) .int (international website) .it (Italy) .mil (military website) .ca (Canada) .net (network website) .org (organizations website)
  • Reminders about the Internet The Internet and the World Wide Web are not supervised The Internet is a major marketing tool Search engines cannot find everything on the Internet Anyone can put anything on the Internet Many websites are trying to sell something Search engines only see about 1/3 of all content on the Internet

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