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YouTube Marketing – 16 Tips to Promote your Business part 1 Do you want to learn how to make better videos on YouTube and use them to promote your business? Watch this video now and well show you how. Zeke Camusio is a friend of mine. He asked me to be available for this webinar for questions. He has such god advise in this I asked if we could post this here on our channel. Part 1 of 2 To see a lot of what he suggests in action on a real channel check out If you like his advise please share this video with your friends via Facebook, Twitter or email them a link. Hint: Use the "Share" button below. :)


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  16. morningtraintech

    Neat? introduction to youtube marketing 😉

  17. amplivoxsound

    cool video. Funny, weird, and useful. I am for all 3 on my channel. Jk. ? Good tips though I will use for our company’s channel

  18. mjglopez

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  19. wealthwithproperty

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  20. SilentKillayou

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  21. matas96

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