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YouTube Marketing | Marketing Your Business With YouTube or Call: 303-501-9250 ~ YouTube Marketing and how to effectively go about Marketing your Business with YouTube Why is YouTube now one of the most cost-effective strategies for marketing your business? More than 80% of customers are using online search to find businesses so its vital that you show on the first page of the Search Engine Results. However the virtual landscape is becoming more and more competitive, so you may find yourself struggling to get your business to show in the top results. You might think that Video Marketing with YouTube is too difficult or beyond your budget. However, since Google has recently started to serve YouTube Videos onto the regular search results, its actually possible to get a cost effective Page 1 ranking much quicker than getting a regular website listing to the top of the search results. Right now, YouTube already receives more than 2 BILLION Views Per DAY -- and this number is continuing to increase! YouTube is now the 2nd largest Search Engine, so this means there is a huge opportunity to market your business using this strategy. Contact us for a free consultation on YouTube Marketing at: Check out one of my other videos on "Local Web Design and SEO and Local Search" Music: Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons "Attribution 3.0" YouTube Marketing and Marketing Your Business With YouTube


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  1. LocalWebSEO

    Thanks for the feedback – you are right: you? should log out of your Google Account(s) and then delete cache/cookies. Big G is definitely move towards giving more specific results depending on your own personal ‘profile’.

  2. TravisJohansen

    I think you offer some good ideas – especially in that Google is showing videos in their search results. Optimizing my site and youtube videos cohesively could really help.

    The top organic search results are based on your user profile and being logged in. To do unbiased tests, log out, delete your cache/cookies, and ideally try it from? a computer that’s never been to your website.

  3. WealthWithVitoria

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    – Hey Damir it was great chatting with you and thanks for the comments. We’ll keep in touch & I’m sure you’ll do well as? you continue to master online network marketing! – Cheers, Neil

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