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YouTube Marketing Tip This video teaches you how to use a little known tip to increase your chances of getting higher rankings for your videos. Im getting lots of questions about how I get transcription so cheap. I watched a webinar that taught me a lot about the cultural norms needed to hire effectively in the Philippines. I carefully did what the video said and hired two really great people. Heres the link to the webinar http Yes, Im an affiliate, but you do not have to buy anything to learn these cultural norms.


25 Responses

  1. digitalsketchguy

    That’s a great tip thanks.?

  2. antion

    I can’t wait to? see them!

  3. revakashalonsdale

    Great tips Tom, thank you – I’m going to use them? when I get my vids. going.

  4. lauramaciuika

    Hey? Tom, Just got around to getting this done for the first Conscious Calm video – thanks for the tip, it’s great to have the transcript up along with the video. Thanks! Laura

  5. CLewis28

    Outstanding! Makes? life so much easier 🙂

  6. antion

    Hey Frippy thanks.? How the heck are ya?

  7. PatriciaFripp

    Tom as always you keep on giving.? Love this tip. I did not know it.

  8. antion

    That’s? great. I’ll check it out as soon as I can. Thanks

  9. gotclicks2

    Tom, this is great information. I created a series of free tutorials on how to create a YouTube? channel for your business at my site for got clicks. biz This nicely compliments what I taught in the basic video. I will definitely share this- many, many thanks.

  10. BeAYoungEntrepreneur

    Loved it!?

  11. antion

    Great! I’m glad you are having success with the tip. Yes,? I’ll be doing a playlist and anotation video next.

  12. TheDigitalDynamo

    A hot button moment for me! I have about 50 video interviews from a tech convention last week, and I am gettin’ ’em up and optimizing them as fast as I can. I tested out your transcription tip – and it worked? like a charm. Now I did use the YT transcription and did about 10 minutes of corrections but it was well worth it. Would like to hear more about having a video playlist on my blog. Great Job Once Again Tom!

  13. antion

    Yep, That? will make this super easy!

  14. PMG1972

    Already have clips transcribed? so this part is easy…Thanks!!

  15. antion

    Yes, that’s another good use for video. It would make it easy for them to share it and? get feedback. Thanks

  16. MultiEgret

    W o n d e r f u l, as usual actually :-))? Thanks a lot. YouTube "videoing" may be very well used by presentation students for checking up their presentation: timing, body/face, pronunciation… … Thanks for the idea. Egret, your fan ardent :-))

  17. antion

    I watched a webinar on how to properly recruit low cost labor. It’s in the video? description when you click on "show more". Thanks.

  18. antion

    I watched a? webinar on how to properly recruit low cost labor. It’s in the video description when you click on "show more". Thanks.

  19. TribalJazzman

    This is pretty brilliant, and? a very generous tip. I wonder where one can get transcriptions for $.75/minute.

  20. lesschmidt

    Tom, thanks again for? this great tip. One question…who does the transcription?

  21. antion

    That’s what I like. Immediate? action.

  22. antion

    Yes, this is a simple tip that could do a? lot for your business.

  23. EasyDiabetes

    I so appreciate your great information and how clearly you teach. I often get overwhelmed by technology and I could follow this start to finish and understand what? to do. Thankis, Tom.

  24. JNast003

    Love this tip Tom.? I can put that to use ASAP!

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