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YouTube Marketing Trick: Add Text/Images to Your Videos

YouTube Marketing with James Wedmore: In this video, James shows you how to add fancy text and graphics to all your future videos to improve the quality and engagement! If you want to have a GREAT YouTube Marketing Strategy, you need GREAT Videos! Plain and Simple! Here are the Video Marketing Resources mentioned: 1. 2. http 3.


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  1. Rand Terry

    a user named BuzJucid from the WARRIORFORUM told me of this amazing new method.
    he makes about $658 per day from his channel on youtube.
    wanna know his trick? search on youtube for "WS Marketing Course" «——
    it’s a 1 minute video which explains everything you will ever need to? know about video marketing!

  2. PeterRockmaker

    Thanks, I did just that. Am enjoying the course and the 30? day profit maker info.

  3. gabakusa

    plz can u show me what is the equiement u use to have the white background and have a nice videos but with? more detail
    thxs in advance

  4. allenmarcelle


  5. jameswedmore

    Thanks Bob! You’re the best!!? Cheers!

  6. BobPatenaude

    Too funny James, you’re getting better all the time. Not to? mention engaging & demonstrable. 😉

  7. sofwarebuzzer

    If your looking for windows editing software? then try Camtasia software.

  8. jameswedmore

    I DO teach that, but not in Video Traffic Academy. I teach it? in ReelMarketingInsider

  9. PeterRockmaker

    I am thinking about signing up for your video instructions, but have a question first: would? I be able to find out how you get the video quality on Youtube that you get? Like is that Screenflow? I looked at your video on ‘being Trustworthy in 3.6 seconds’ – and it is so far ahead of mine in visual quality. Do you teach that?

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  11. zolux669

    Where can I get the musics on google’s videos ?
    They are so stunning !
    like dis > watch?v=8Jc_8WGbpFM

  12. zolux669

    Google? it =D
    I found a program…

  13. yuval727

    Thanxx a lot mate! most useful for me were the sites for outsourcing and for free images. Do you know sites? with free photos? sounds?

  14. Gabriela Casineanu

    Fun and inspiring!? Thanks for your enthusiasm and persistence, James.. you inspire me to start creating my own weekly videos! (three by now, and more to come)

  15. Aicha Campbell

    Cool vid! Nicely done mate! ?

  16. AltoLarioInfo


  17. cspothitt

    You’re adorable James! You make learning fun.? 🙂

  18. claudiasazhomes

    Great and? Lively video I’m going to give Odesk another look.

  19. RiverEastReport

    whoops how come CTA at start vs? end?

  20. RiverEastReport

    how come no CTA James??

  21. jameswedmore

    What’s Windows??

  22. ovaleyevlog

    LOVE using ScreenFlow? for our support channel’s tutorials! Thanks for the icons tip! ^J

  23. almcbride99

    Another great? video James! Many thanks

  24. zolux669


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